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In the Beginning
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In the Beginning


In the Beginning is the eighth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main teaches meditation as a simple but demanding discipline, and advises the beginner to simply begin, and persevere. All that matters is to be on the way and to be faithful to the daily practice.

1 Still A Beginner
2 The Sound of the Mantra
3 The Way of Enlightenment
4 Total Potential

1 Experience and Expansion
2 Purity of Heart
3 Our Inner Life and our Outer Life
4 Longing in the Heart

1 Questions
2 Wholly Present
3 The School of John Cassian
4 That Delicate Balance
5 Questions

1 Life as a Revelation
2 Infinite Vitality
3 Quies
4 Questions

1 The Prodigal Son
2 The Idea of Progress
3 The Purity of Prayer 4 Secure Base

1 Pure Action
2 Attention
3 The Way of Salvation
4 The Pilgrim
5 Questions

1 Beginning First Time Again
2 Fullness of Life
3 Seek after Truth

CD 8
1 Dispossession
2 Death and Resurrection
3 The Silence of Prayer

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