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Door to Silence
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Door to Silence


Door to Silence is the seventh of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. John Main saw meditation as opening us to the experience of “being”, which is the right basis of all right action and healthy living. As we are slowly transformed by knowing God’s presence within, we begin to see ourselves and others in a new light.

1 Peace
2 Purity of Heart
3 We Possess the Mind of Christ
4 Vision of Unity
5 The Experience of the Tradition

1 Contact with the Centre
2 The Aim of Meditation
3 Unity and Union
4 Creative Energy
5 The Context of our Meditation

1 Truth
2 Time and Eternity
3 Levels of Distraction
4 The Ordinary Shot through with the Extraordinary
5 Liberty of Spirit

1 Open to the Moment of Love
2 Learning to Expect Nothing
3 Everything Is One
4 Wholly

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