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The Heart of Creation
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The Heart of Creation


The Heart of Creation is the fifth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. The talks were given to meditation groups meeting each week at the Priory in Montreal. John Main is a teacher in the apophatic tradition of imageless, non-conceptual prayer. This form of pure prayer transcends all thought and imagination – not looking at God, but into God.

1 The Art of Unlearning
2 A Way of Beginning
3 The Constant Return to the Mantra
4 Tension and Attention

1 Essentially Free
2 What Jesus has Done
3 The Unreality of Fear
4 Surface and Depth

1 The Mantra and Boredom
2 Liberty and Detachment
3 The Supreme Reality
4 Two Words from the Past
5 At One with the Light

1 Fulfillment through Dispossession
2 Beyond Motivation
3 Meditation and Work
4 Cosmic Poverty
5 Seeing through Our Selves

1 Created to be Light
2 The Real Christian Scandal
3 All or Nothing
4 Kissing the Joy as it Flies
5 The Birth of Christ

1 The Process of Reduction
2 Focus on the Real
3 Trying to Placate God
4 Questions and Responses

1 The Essential Elements of Meditation
2 The Path Forgetful of Itself
3 Created for Love

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