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The Way of Unknowing
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The Way of Unknowing


The Way of Unknowing is the fourth of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. Listening attentively to his voice prepares you for the silence and stillness of meditation. These talks were designed to introduce meditation to people for the first time, and also to encourage people already meditating to deepen their regular practice.

1 In Reverence in Your Hearts
2 The Two Silences of God
3 Renunciation of Our Selves
4 The Pole
5 Potential for ‘Being’

1 God is the Centre of my Soul
2 Growth in the Presence
3 Being and Existence
4 ‘Isness’

1 Distractions
2 Returning to our own Innocence
3 Child-like Simplicity
4 Beyond All Images
5 Beyond Isolation into Love

1 Actualization of Your Potential
2 Freedom for Being
3 The Discipline of Silence
4 Emptying Out All Images

1 The Mind of Christ
2 Wholly Open to the Prayer of Jesus
3 Sense of Oneness
4 Knowing

1 Mystery of Being
2 Reverence
3 Grounded in God
4 The Necessity for Stillness
5 Why is Meditation Difficult?

1 Meditation as Conversion
2 Eternal Youth
3 Worship in Spirit and in Truth
4 Wholehearted in Christ
5 The Incarnation of God

1 Thought, Feeling, Love
2 Questions and Responses
3 Religious Love
4 The Way that is Christ
5 Past, Future and the Present

1 Redeemed by Love
2 Contemplation and Action