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Moment of Christ
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Moment of Christ


Moment of Christ is the third of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. These talks were given at his monastery in Montreal to groups who came on weekday evenings to listen to and meditate with him. The talks were meant to persuade ordinary people, many of whom came straight from work, of the importance of meditating and the simplicity of the Christian tradition and practice of it.

1 The Way of the Mantra
2 Leaving Distractions Behind
3 The Call to Fullness of Life
4 Infinite Expansion of Love

1 Discipline and Liberty
2 Silent Communion
3 The Peace of Christ
4 Commitment to Simplicity

1 The Way of Liberation
2 Beyond Illusion
3 We Have Meaning for God
4 The Reality that is Love
5 The Temple of Your Heart

1 Rooted in the Centre
2 Smashing of the Mirror
3 The Way to the Eternal
4 Original Innocence
5 Simplicity is Oneness

1 Beyond Technique
2 Death
3 Death and Resurrection
4 The Spirit of Lent
5 The Meaning of Silence

1 The Life Source
2 The Reality of Faith
3 The Wholeness of God
4 Being Yourself

1 Space to Be
2 The One Centre
3 Simple Enjoyment of the Truth
4 The Light of Christ
5 The Inner Christ

CD 8
1 Free to be True
2 The Generosity of Sacrifice