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Word into Silence
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Word into Silence


Word into Silence is the first of eight sets of John Main’s collected talks. This set of talks was given in the 1970s in England as an introduction to meditation and a means of encouragement for those who had begun to meditate.

CD1 Introduction to Christian
1 Being Restored to Ourselves
2 Learning to be Silent
3 The Power of the Mantra
4 The Fullness of Life

CD2 Meditation: The Christian
1 The Self
2 The Son
3 The Spirit
4 The Father

CD3 Twelve Talks for Meditators (Part 1)
1 Introduction
2 The Tradition of the Mantra I
3 The Tradition of the Mantra II
4 Saying the Mantra I
5 Saying the Mantra II
6 Leaving Self Behind
7 John Cassian

CD4 Twelve Talks for Meditators (Part 2)
1 Set Your Mind on the Kingdom
2 Realizing Our Personal Harmony I
3 Realizing Our Personal Harmony II
4 A Present Reality
5 Christian Community I
6 Christian Community II

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